Wetback and Wood Fire Boost Options from SolarOz

SolarOz Hybrid Series - We are on fire! Save more and harness more energy from your new SolarOz HYBRID integrated series.

New Models Out Now

SolarOz was the first to deliver a solar system with integrated evacuated tubes into a low pressure tank and then have your stove or wood heater to assist with additional heating in those cold winter months.

Wood fire water heating has been around for ages. Our early settlers would use fire to heat their water as it was simple and efficient. When the first wood stoves were fitted to the kitchen they became a multi purpose unit not only for cooking; they also made a great room heater. As the years progressed and we needed hot running water in the house, the stove was again used to heat the water, this time in a separate tank which was positioned slightly higher than the stove to allow the heated water to rise into the tank. Brilliant! NO electricity, NO pumps, NO controllers, just FREE hot water... isnít that what we all want?

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Wetback Stove & Wood Fire Heater Solar Hot Water Wetback Stove & Wood Fire Heater Solar Hot Water

SolarOz are the innovators, not the imitators when bringing new models to market.
  • Our new Solar Hybrid Systems are designed for direct connection to a wetback compatible stove or wood heater.
  • They are designed from the ground up using only the best components available.
  • Our new multi-port design harnesses all the heat available more evenly across the tank.
  • No need for external heat exchangers or complicated pumps.
  • Total off grid connection. NO power required.
  • Simple, affordable solutions for your hot water needs.
  • Available in 100L, 220L, 330L sizes
  • Fully approved and WaterMark certified.
Click here for more information, download the SolarOz Wet Back System PowerPoint presentation or here to order.

Like the idea but do not have a wetback stove or heater? Check out our Flue Jacket Adaptor.

This clever device allows you to convert your wood stove or wood heater so it is compatible with our Hybrid Series.

Easy to install just replace the first section of flue with the SolarOz Flue Jacket and run a flow and return line to the system. Simple and affordable.

We also manufacture a budget range of compatible wetback systems under our LMG series ( Lean, Mean and Green ) .
No frills just a great basic system. Prices start from $1350.
For a detailed digram of the SolarOz SFJ-600 Flue Jacket click here.